Biggest Foundation Mistake most of us make

Foundation isn’t an obvious thing to master. Unless you’re born with that glowing and pore-less skin. There is a variety of best quality foundations and proper tools/accessories to apply it. It’s all about nailing the perfect formula according to your skin type. Even when you got the best quality foundation and you are master at applying it, and after that you’re missing that radiant skin, then there might be this big mistake that most of us do. That is, Opting for full coverage foundation. Your makeup gets that cakey look because of this mistake.

Thick foundation contain drying ingredients, like zinc, which sink into fine lines and wrinkles and make them worse. You better opt for a lighter foundation. Start your makeup with primer and tinted moisturizer to fill in the pores and wrinkles. Never skip this step, as it creates a canvas to apply foundation on.

Lazy to do that?

Mix your foundation with moisturizer, and pat it down with a damp makeup sponge, and you can do it throughout the day to keep your makeup look dewy and fresh.

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