20 things every woman should carry in her purse

  1. Keep a mint gum in your bag, so that you can keep your breath fresh, whenever you want. When you’re going to meet someone, or someone’s coming to meet you, you never want your mouth smell bad.
  2. Your bag should always contain a sunscreen lotion, so you can apply it on when you go outside. In this way your skin will be protected from ultra-violet rays. Use the sunscreen which is above SPF 20.
  3. Protect your eyes from the sun by keeping sunglasses with you.
  4. There’s another obvious thing to keep with you, that’s your mobile phone. You will not forget it anyways. 😀  We need mobile phone both for our personal needs and security needs.
  5. For security, there are a few other things to carry with you. They are pepper spray, a whistle and safety pins. These things will be helpful to provide you safety in unexpected situations. Well, this point totally depends on your location(some areas which aren’t really safe) or situations.
  6. The next important thing is medicine. Keep Aspirin, Tylenol or Aleves (Or any medicine that you prefer), in case you have headache or any other health issue while staying outside all day long.
  7. Keep a travel size perfume or deodorant to keep  odor free whole day. I always keep one with me, just in case if I forget to put on the fragrance in hurry, I can put it on later.
  8. There must be necessary cosmetics in your bag that you commonly use, for example, eye-pencil, lipgloss/lipstick, a small comb, a compact mirror and safety pins. So whenever you involve into any sudden trip, you can still stay fresh and pretty.
  9. Always keep a small umbrella with you, in case of rain or bright sunshine.
  10. Keep a torch with you, so that you can find the places easily in dark.
  11. Yeah, another important thing, keep a small pouch or purse in your bag, to put cash in it. Always keep change with  you. You don’t have to depend on someone to pay for you.
  12. Keep your home keys and car keys separate, so you don’t have to rush about to find them.
  13. Keep a small note pad and a pen in your purse to note some important details like someone’s  phone number, email id or address etc. Well, if you’re more dependent on your phone to note down the things, that’s even better than carrying the notepad.
  14. Keep oil blotting papers, tissue papers and a face freshner to get rid of  dirt, sweat and oil.
  15. Always carry a small diary (or a tag/note) with you, in which you should include your name, address, emergency contact number and your blood group as well, so that in case of emergency they can find your address and your blood group.
  16. A hand sanitizer is another life saver, because it’s hard to find water in some places to wash hands. Our hands get most germs at public places. We get lots of germs outside, like from carts in the stores, ATM,while sneezing, while shaking hands with someone etc. We need a sanitizer every now and then to avoid these yucky germs from spreading.
  17. A tampon or a pad is another thing which is really really important. There is nothing worse than needing a pad and not having it. I always keep it even when I don’t need it. We can help someone, we never know.
  18. We all have that embarrassing situation, when everyone is silent and suddenly stomach starts growling. Ugh, like seriously, nothing is more embarrassing than this. So now I always carry a granola bar or other healthy snack with me. It’s life saver!
  19. A bandage is also necessary to keep with us. Specially if you’re wearing new shoes.
  20. Condoms. As we can’t always rely on him, it’s ladies responsibility too. Always carry a condom with you. We never know when we meet him. 😉

So these are the things, that I think are really, really important to keep with us. If I’ve missed anything, let me know in the comments.


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