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Fade The stretch marks away OVERNIGHT

There are hundreds of creams and medicines to get rid of stretch marks, but we can’t blindly trust on medicines, as they can have side effects on our body.

Well, most of us has this problem. We never feel confident in wearing shorts or bikini’s at beach just because of these stretch marks. So in this article,  I’m telling you guys a trick to get rid of stretch marks. For this, you just need a Vicks Vappor Rub. Well, it’s used for cough or cold purpose, but here we found another way to use it.  Okay, so apply vicks on all over your stretch marks and put a cling wrap around your hips, to keep heat on the area. Then put on  pair of tight leggings and leave it like that overnight. The marks will be disappeared next morning. If they don’t, repeat this the following night.

This trick worked on my friend just overnight, and I hope it will work on you as well. If your stretch marks disappear with this trick, please let me know in the comments. Wish you the best. 🙂

Useful tip: Mederma and No scars (You can find one on eBay) creams works like wonder on most of the scars and they also claim that these are helpful for stretch marks as well. And they are available at really cheap price, So I would recommend you to give them a try if you have those stubborn scars.

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