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You will thank me for this magical beauty tip

You may have heard of lots of home remedies to get glowing and healthy skin. Some of you are probably too lazy to prepare stuff, just like me. We know what’s good for our skin, still we never get time to do all that boring stuff. Actually I’m really lazy to prepare any mixture to apply on face, so I always leave it like that. But this thing, what I’m going to tell you, doesn’t need to prepare any mixture. You don’t need to make your pretty hands to work hard. You just need one ingredient for this. That is Coconut Oil.


Ugh! That seems already discussed so many times, on so many websites, right? Well, yes. But this is the simple and efficient way to apply it, especially for us lazy girls.

Are you going to any special occasion soon? Where you need to look damn pretty and you want to make your face glow all the day. Putting on your makeup skills on a single day isn’t even enough. Your makeup needs a smooth and glowing skin to get on. Whenever there is any party, I do this thing one night before. And people keep asking me, “What foundation do you use?”,because my face really glows. Only I know that it’s not the foundation which makes my face glow. It is actually this method.

So, one night before going to party or somewhere, take coconut oil and apply with your fingers on all over your face. Gently massage with your fingers and make sure to cover all the dark spots, blemishes and dark circles. I do it for 3-5 minutes to make sure it absorbs well in my skin. After finishing, softly wipe off the access oil. Keep a small amount of stickiness on your face overnight. That will be absorbed by the morning. That’s it.

Benefit: The coconut oil is really really useful for skin. With the above method, we can properly nourish our skin overnight, and all the oil will be absorbed by the next day. Your skin will not look oily, yet look healthy and glowing. If you always deal with the problem of dry flakes on the skin, and then if you apply moisturizer, it seems oily. Then this will be magical for you. Your face will glow like never before.

This method was just an important step before any special day, if you’re lazy. But if you can do it on a regular basis, then that is un-matchable. If it is done on a regular basis, like every week is enough, then you can get rid of dark spots, acne, dry patches, wrinkles, uneven tone and other skin related problems.

This is the only thing that tackles my dry skin problem, and I hope it will be helpful to you guys too. So give it a try, and let me know how useful you found it.

Bonus: Apply on a zit overnight, it will be gone by the morning. This is tested and tried by myself.

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