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5 Plants that have an appetite for insects


1. Bladderwort
Source: Wikipedia

This aquatic plant belongs to the botanical genus Utricularia, meaning little bag, reffering to the small bladder on the stem that trap and digest small aquatic creatures.

Source: TutorVista

2. Sundew
Source: Natures Photos

This small carnivorous plant’s common English name is derived from Latin ros solis,meaning ‘dew of the sun’. The plants leaves bear hair adorned with droplets of a sticky liquid. Thirsty insects are drawn to what looks like glistening dewdrops on the plant and are entangled in its sticky clutches.

3. Venus Flytrap
Source: New Scientist

In the wild this carnivorous plant is native to a small region of wetlands in the eastern United States. Its leaves, which bear tiny hairlike bristles along the edge, shut tight if its bristles are brushed twice.

4. Butterwort
Source: Wild Flowers

This carnivorous bog plant has violet flowers and greasy leaves to lure, trap and digest small insects. The plant’s common English name hints at the smooth, greasy characteristics of its leaves.

5. Pitcher Plant
Source: ThingLink

The plant gets its name from its unique pitcher-shaped leaf structure. Flying or crawling insects such as flies are often attracted by the visual lures like nectar on the pitcher. So when insects sit on that nectar, they slips into pitcher and fall into the trap.

Insects in Pitcher Plant
Source: UST Greenhouse Project

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