Best concealers so far

A concealer is a beauty essential and an extremely important part of makeup. It covers spots, blemishes, and dark under-eye circles. A concealer should be selected wisely and after a good research, because a wrong or a cheap concealer can make the whole makeup look ugly. On the other hand, a perfect concealer will brighten up the face and gives a spotless glow to whole makeup. GO for a concealer which gives you a matte look, make sure it doesn’t make the skin dry also.

The method for applying a concealer plays an extremely important role. It gives the best results if applied with a brush or a makeup sponge. While applying under eyes, the most flattering way to put it on is  in a triangle shape with the point towards your cheek, rather than putting dots in arch shape.



Here is the list of a few concealers which are best rated until yet. They are of different price range, from low to high. I hope this will help a lot for your next purchase.

Fit Maybelline new york:



This is the best drugstore concealer. This concealer is perfect for those with normal to dry skin. It keeps your skin around eyes well-nourished without even getting greasy. It blends so well in the fine lines and wrinkles and makes them less noticeable. Moreover, it keeps the skin color look natural, and avoids the cake-y stuff around eyes. This was the first ever concealer I bought after looking at countless good reviews on internet. And yes, they all were true. I’m happy with the results. It’s really pigmented and a little bit goes a long way. The best thing is that you’re getting this amazing product at really cheap price.

ELF HD lifting concealer:

Elf hd lifting concealer


Here’s another inexpensive yet great quality concealer. I love most of the Elf products. (They are cruelty free as well) Well, this concealer is rich creamy formula containing vitamin C, which is actually helpful in lifting and soothing the skin. It makes the skin look more youthful and glowing. It contains green tea and mulberry which improves the skin texture. It is great for all skin types but if you have oily skin, this will be the best drugstore concealer for you. It doesn’t make the skin look super-shiny.

Mac Studio Finish Concealer:

MAC Studio Finish Concealer

This concealer is pricey, but worth it. If you are looking for a high-end concealer options, Mac concealer is among them. This creamy and light-weighed concealer is water-resistant and fragrance-free. It’s really good in covering up skin blemishes, dark circles, any kind of marks or scars, moles and tattoos as well. It has SPF 35 and has a wide range of shades. This one is perfect to get matte look and is one of the best concealers for oily skin.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer:


This is the best concealer I have tried until now. (I mean THE BEST) Nars creamy concealer gives good coverage for dark circles and other skin imperfections. It also has nice reviews from buyers. It is a hydrating and creamy concealer which brightens up the skin and gives it a healthy glow. It doesn’t dry up the skin, nor makes it oily. It’s perfect in every way and worth the price. This concealer gives full coverage. Mostly full coverage foundations or concealers give you the cake-y look, but this is totally different. It will not make the skin cake-y anyway. It gives the best results if applied with beauty blender or a brush, because applying with a finger can cause creases on skin after some time.

These concealers are best and unbeatable. If you know any other concealer which is really good and gave you the expected results, please share in the comments to help our readers.

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