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Common Bra Mistakes

If your bra struggle is real, you are likely all too familiar with these common bra mistakes you’re making. You don’t have to suffer through something that just doesn’t fit! Your body deserves better.

Helping you with this bra struggle, here is a list of mistakes that women generally make. Avoid these things to make your life easier and to make yourself comfortable.

  1. Get the Right size. Probably you are wearing a wrong size or you haven’t been fitted from years, because your bra size can fluctuate according to weight, age or other factors. If so, get yourself measured first.
    Measure band size and Cup size

    To do so, get your band size first, loop measuring tape from back to front under your bust. If you get an odd number, round up to next even number. That’s your band size. Now to get your cup size, measure the fullest part of your chest. Subtract your band measurement from this number. You will get your cup size by this difference, like, if it is a one inch difference, it is cup A; If it is two inch difference, it is cup B; and so on.

  2. Pick a suitable bra style for your shape.emily-ratajkowski-victorias-secret-model-wallpaper-2 If you’re bubbling out of your bra, then probably your cup size is too small or it may be not your style. Don’t hustle while bra shopping, take a few moments in try-room, to make sure your bra looks perfect under your shirt.
  3. Does the underwire poke? wireWell, it means your cup size is small or your band size is too big. Don’t be lazy to replace your bra. Change your bra size and avoid this problem as soon as possible.
  4. Wash them in proper way. lula-lu-bra-washing-blog-1024x685You don’t need to wash your bra daily. Washing them after three wears is perfect. (Not more than three days) Another important tip about washing bras is not to put your bra in a dryer, because there are chances of melting the elastic in bra straps.
  5. Wearing a really old bra. old-braOkay, that may be your favorite, but if it is older than year and you wear it a lot, then it is time to replace it. A bra has a life-span too. According to bra-specialists it’s life-span is about eight months, but still practically, 1 year is okay and should be the maximum.
  6. Bra band creeping up your shoulders? finding-the-perfect-bra-avoid-these-common-mi-l-3o1dyi Your bra band should be parallel to your bra wire, not above that. If so, then it is a size problem again. According to experts about 85% of women wear wrong bra. These are the women who unwittingly select the wrong bra size and silently face problems like these and a few more.
  7. Feel sexy in your own shape.
    Via La Senza

    If you are assuming that you need a push-up, and you’re a smaller chested, forget about media pressures which make you think like that. You should better opt for an unlined cup, and celebrate your own shape. And that’s even sexier.

  8. Follow your body posture. Most ladies, while buying a bra, hardly consider their entire body. They simply focus on their breasts and not the shape of the body. According to experts:
    • For women with narrow shoulders, cross-back and multi-way style bras are a good option.
    • For women with broad back, balcony shapes are ideal.
    • For women with breasts wide apart, buy a low cut balcony shape bra.
    • For women with breasts closely set, buy a nice push-up bra to shape the chest.
    • For women with breasts of different size, wear a t-shirt bra with an extra pad in the cup of your smaller breast. This will give both your breasts an equal look.
    • For women after breast-feeding, buy a little padded balcony style bra to support and give shape to your breasts.



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