Press your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 down now

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Samsung Company itself is urging its customers to stop using their galaxy Note 7.

The warning comes a week after Samsung announced a voluntary recall of 2.5 million phones worldwide because of a battery problem believed to affect 0.1% of all devices. Some customers reported that their Note 7s caught fire.

Source CNN

A government recall would outlaw the selling of the phone. In its statement, the agency asked owners of the Note 7 “to power them down and stop charging or using the device” in the meantime.

Samsung, based in South Korea, has been offering U.S. customers a different phone, the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge, and a $25 gift card or bill credit.

Following the U.S. announcement, Samsung on Saturday advised Note 7 owners in South Korea to stop using the devices. It urged them to visit their nearest Samsung service center where they will receive a different phone.

Over the past few weeks Note 7 users were uploading pictures and videos on social media, of their phones seemingly exploding and burning while they were charging. Samsung received 35 cases of this and now they’re recalling 2.5 millions of these units. According to the company, it is the problem with the battery. The battery comes from 2 different suppliers one of which has the problem, but they aren’t saying which of the suppliers it is.

The recalls are happening in 10 different countries. But Samsung says if you already have one of these products and you’re concerned, you can take it to the store and switch it out with a different model now.

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