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Beauty Etiquettes

We always care about the things related to beauty. But when it comes to minding our makeup manners, we’re guilty of doing it all wrong. Just like our social behavior demands some do’s and don’ts, beauty too has some etiquettes that ought to be adhered to.

You should not comb hair in public


Guilty of brushing your hair in public? Now that’s a big no-no. You might have the healthiest hair of all but you could certainly end up breaking a few strands just by brushing your hair. So at all costs, avoid brushing your hair in public since it may be highly unhygienic to do so, especially at restaurants.

You should not wear a strong perfume


Always remember that while your perfume should be subtle yet sexy, it should never be too invasive. So if you’re going for a boardroom meeting or even a sit-down dinner, avoid over applying perfume or wearing something too strong. This could affect people who are overly sensitive to smells as well as seem like attention-seeking behaviour.

You should not groom nails in public


You might be ignoring your nail etiquettes but this one’s one of the most necessary rules to follow. Avoid grooming your nails n public—from applying nail polish to filing them. Nails are carriers of dead skin and germs and this behavior can raise many eyebrows around given the fact that it is simply unhygienic to groom your nails in public. Save it for the salon or home, ladies.

You should not share hair brushes



You know how your friend has been in dire need of a hair brush and you’ve happily given away little realizing that this move has several downsides. This could transfer scalp infections or even dandruff to your brush and in turn, affect the health of your hair. Yes, we know it’s going to be a task to do but sometimes, you’ve got to say no. The same thing applies for other products like mascara and kajal that can also be carriers of germs and can eventually, transfer an infection to your eyes.

You should politely point out lipstick stains


You know how you love a friend who saves you from an embarrassing situation and tells you about the lipstick stain on your teeth? Well, you’ll be doing a huge favor if you help someone out the same way. But make sure you don’t make much noise about it—quietly walk up to the person and let her know. Makeup can create a bond between women!

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