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Miracles your belly button can do

Here are some  useful grandmother’s hacks. Give them a try. They actually work like wonder.


  1. If you can’t find any solution to get rid of acne, then this will definitely help you. Dab Neem oil on your belly button. By doing this, your acne will be diminished in a few days. The acne products used to apply on acne mostly get rid of them but can’t stop the new acne. While this method will totally eliminate acne and purify your skin from inside your body. Neem oil is really a miracle product.neem_oil
  2. For dry and cracked lips, dab some mustard oil on your belly button. Most of the people are already familiar with this method.mustard-oil
  3. To make your face glow, dab some almond oil on your belly button.  almond-oil
  4. DO you have any scars on your face? To get rid of them, dab some lemon oil (not lemon juice) on your belly button. lemon-oil

27 thoughts on “Miracles your belly button can do

    1. Well, you can get lemon oil from any store where you buy other oils from. They have oils of most of the vegetables. If you are not comfortable in applying it during day, because it can create mess on your shirt, then apply it overnight, that time is perfect for healing anything. You should apply it as long as your scars are there. So it totally depends on what type of your scars are. I have seen its results in 2 weeks, and those scars weren’t too stubborn.


    1. I will soon post an article on that as well, while I am still researching on that topic.
      Thanks for your comment,, and keep in touch 🙂


    1. Yeah it does. While it totally depends on the condition and type of acne. But for normal acne problems it works like magic, because it purifies the skin from inside the body. And the plus point is that it doesn’t have any side effect, so why not give it a try. 🙂


    1. Coconut oil is the best thing for skin and hair so far. I will recommend you to massage your head with coconut oil. If your scalp is healthy so will your hair. So massage well with coconut oil every night. And another important tip is that while massaging your head you should bend your back keeping your head downwards, because in this way the blood circulation in the head will improve. Hope this will work for you


      1. as per hakim herbel doctor (hakim saeed and yasin of hamdard dawakhana clinic COUCONUT OIL CREATE DANDRUF / KHUSKI BEST OIL FOR DANDRUF IS SASEME OR RAPE SEED OIL


    1. Well my grandfather had this problem from long time. He used to wear a collar around his neck, but this wasn’t the permanent solution. Someone told him to put a tape on the spinal cord near neck tightly and yeah apply iodex before that. He did this for 2-3 days. And he didn’t had that problem until now. Hope it will help you as well.


  1. This is a very old remedy , in ayurveda. They use castor oil to reduce stomach ache or excess heat from the body. And they apply beetle leaf with lightly warmed or babies for indigestion

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  2. I am facing some smelly liquid coming out from my belly button after using neem oil.
    Applied 1st day nothing happened then applied 2nd day that liquid started coming from my belly button. Earlier also i was facing same problem so i stopped applying it.
    So it’s a side effect or its repairing my stomach problems. Should i apply this or not.


    1. That liquid might be the neem oil if you are applying in excess. You only need a little bit of oil for it and wipe off the excess oil after doing a soft massage on belly button.


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