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An incident with a single mother which will make you cry


“I’m the single mother of four absolutely beautiful girls. They are 9,5,2 and 6 weeks. And things have been particularly rough since my ex left.

My truck had a flat; I constantly had to air up. The driver side window motor died. And I needed a new alternator belt. The truck was a mess. And we didn’t drive anywhere unless we had to.

Well the other day we desperately needed to go the store. So we loaded up and drove to the win Dixie about 9 blocks away. When we got out of the store, it was far after dark and pouring rain. I loaded my kids and groceries into the truck. Tried to crank it…….


One of my girls had accidently left a light on. My battery was dead. My phone was also disconnected. I have no family to speak of and was on my own. I got out and opened my hood to be sure my battery hadn’t come loose. Nope. I must have asked more than twenty people in the course of two hours for a jump. They all ignored me. Not even a NO. Just acted like I didn’t exist. My 5 year old was melting down. My newborn screaming, my 2 year old crying, she was hungry, and my oldest desperately trying to help. I was bowling and felt like the worst mom ever.

Then I got a knock on the passenger side window. An older gentleman (he was 74) with a cane and a bad limp was on the other side of the knock. I opened the door. He handed me a plate of chicken strips and biscuits from the deli and bottles of water.

“Feed those babies and yourself young lady. I have the tow truck on the way and my wife will be here shortly to take y’all home.”

Sure enough she arrived followed by a tow truck. Us and our truck were taken home.

The next morning the gentleman returned to my house with a mechanic who replaced my battery and alternator and fixed my window. The elderly gentleman then left and didn’t return. When I asked what I owed the mechanic and if I could make payments, he smiled telling me the older man had paid for all of it. He said that the only payment the older man wanted was for me to never give up and keep being an amazing mom. I’ve never cried so hard in my life. Things had been absolutely awful. More so than I care to explain. And without knowing us or our situation this kind man helped us in ways he will never know. What he did revived my faith when I was falling apart. But I certainly hope one day I can do what he did for me for someone else.”


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