Winter Makeup Mistakes

We all do makeup according the season, just like that, makeup products should also be selected according to that. Most of us overlook the fact while doing makeup that which products should be perfect in a specific season. We usually use the products we already have or we always use. But by doing so, not just it can mess up the whole makeup, but also this effects badly on our skin. So I believe we should replace a few products so that we can maintain the glow in our makeup even in dry season. Let’s highlight the important facts which are helpful in winter season:



In winter, it’s better to replace your liquid concealer with a cream based concealer. With a cream based concealer you will not get any flakes or fine lines around your eyes. Make sure it’s of good quality.  (Best concealers to buy)



Make sure you use a cream based foundation instead of a liquid one. Liquid foundations are never perfect for dry skin and they cause breakouts and patchy skin after a short time. While on the other hand, a cream based foundation evens out the skin and covers fine lines very smoothly.



I know the most common form of eye-shadows is powder eye-shadows. But try to avoid powder eye-shadows in winters. Because the skin near our eyes is really sensitive and thin, and it can easily highlight patches or flakes if you use powder eye-shadow on it. You can use cream eye-shadow instead. Natural shades are perfect for winter; like peach, light brown, pink or purple.

Liner and Mascara:


Try to use water-proof eye-liner and mascara in winter. You can use any colored mascara like blue or burgundy etc. They are really dark and lashes appear thick with them.

So these were some changes I think should be made according to changing weather. If you have more ideas or facts related to this post, feel free to share it in comments.


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