Important makeup hygiene tip


Hygiene is always important. Unfortunately, not all makeup artists are as careful as they should be. Some people don’t realize how unsanitary their habits are! Bad makeup hygiene is a risk to you.

A friend invites you on a party. You stop for new lip gloss. You can’t decide which one you like, so you try different shades on your lips. At your friend’s house, you touch up your waterline with her liner.

You could wake up with a skin infection or worse! Your friend might not clean her makeup well or might not have told you that she’s been sick. Unhygienic testers are also largest source of makeup-related infection!


You can easily contract with herpes, other STD’s and illness from sharing lipstick. I wouldn’t suggest you to try lipsticks in the stores. If you need to test a product color, do it on your hand and remove it with antibacterial wipes.


Don’t borrow makeup. It’s a good rule of thumb to NOT share your lip products and always make sure you’re cleaning them. Not just lipstick, other cosmetics also shouldn’t be shared.

Great hygiene takes time but it’s worth avoiding conjunctivitis!

Do you have any makeup hygiene horror stories? Share it in comments!

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