Best foundation for complicated skins

This article is for the ladies with the difficult kinda skin, who always do a lot of struggle to find the correct makeup. Specially finding the foundation, is the difficult part of everyday life.

I talk about my skin. I got acne scars and dry skin (flaky sometimes after acne).

I tried so many foundation to get the perfect one. Most of them never gave the good coverage, my scars were always visible after makeup.

When tried Estee Lauder’s, everything was on to the point. It is thick enough to cover the scars. I don’t even use concealer for dark circles. This foundation makes the skin tone so natural and dewy, that I fell in love with it.

I use it since then, and don’t want to switch it ever.

If you have pores, dark spots, dark circles or uneven skin tone, you must try it.



Article by one of the followers “Aditi”

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